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UX/UI Design Case Study

UX/UI Design

Case Study

Web site and online software for a customized lip balm company

Kustom Kissers is an all-natural lip balm that is customized with your own photo and title for birthdays, weddings, reunions and any other event – or just because!

I met with the client, Heather Ellis, and we had a strategy meeting outlining her goals, products and ideas. Branding kustom kissers to grow awareness and increase sales was the focus of the web site. It had to be understandable, easy to use and the end product (Heather would receive notification to download from the server) was created exactly to size and ready for Heather to print directly on her product.

The software built into her web site was tasked for the end-user to upload their photo (with criteria of minimum size and resolution outlined on the page), rejection of a low res image, editing the image by rotating, cropping and scaling with a preview of the final product on the lip balm case to be approved. After this was completed, the order was then placed identifying flavor, quantity, and payment made with rushes available, and shipping options.

The owner of kustom kissers downloads the final artwork in high res utilizing the back-end of the web site. The back-end shows all orders displayed in order of due date and we customized for Heather for her ease to fulfill each order.

Project Information

  • Client: Kustom Kissers
  • Date: September, 2013 – 2014
  • Category: Branding, Web site and Software design



“The branding of my new endeavor is exactly what I wanted! It was easy to work with Vikki and I enjoyed creating and look and feel that I imagined and seeing it come to fruition. The web site and online customization of the all-natural aloe lip balm that I create was a time saver and I am able to download the final product created by my client. They upload the image, customize it with type and approve it! The final product is perfect when I download the final image and paid for in full! It cuts out so much time for me and the best part is that it is approved! I love my logo, web site and brochure!!! Sales have already increased and I have more time to create!”
– Heather Ellis, Owner Kustom Kissers

Rebranding and Package Design

Rebranding & Package


Branding update and Packaging Design

This project was for a new electronics firm who created batteries for drones in
government projects decided to move into the cell phone space and create
products to compete against Mophie®. I rebranded their company and packaging as well as created sub branding of the product categories. To create packaging that stands out and competes visually with Mophie® I designed using the trends for 2015 – dark colors and geometrics. Each category with its icon and color story has geometrics for their background graphics. This same formula is used on all
marketing materials.

More Info

I met with the owner of Avance Electronics and went over their needs, goals and new product line. With the Avance team, we identified competition and the space needed to sell their product.

The process started… Visiting electronics stores and purchasing competitors products, I also took photos of product shelves / packaging. Updating the logo, I felt an update was a better solution rather than starting over with a new brand package as this was new company. To build on the established battery expertise, because the Avance Electronics company is a subsidiary of a large battery company, I designed a battery icon and changed the color of the logo – adding excitement, vibrancy and implying movement to call attention. The icons I designed for all sub-branding purposed to differentiate each
product category.

The 2015 color trend for this market is very dark colors and geometrics. The new branding against dark colors will pop and stand up noticeably – drawing visibility to Avance over their competition.


This was the original logo and packaging designed for the new product line.


Before                                                      After


New Logo & Branding