Deception begins

Deception begins

Carl and I had gone through a very hard situation with his back (which has continued for seven years) and the care of the injury. One day about three months later I was praying for Carl and coming against satan because of the attack against us and worshiping God on my walk and as I walked up the hill to return home, I felt a fullness and a peace I have never felt before and was thanking God for giving me this peace. Then I did the dumbest thing I have ever done (up until this point) and I said “Bring it on satan, I will never leave my God. No matter what you come against us with, I will never turn away from Him.” I did not think anything of it and forgot I even said it.

Carl and I took a lady from church and the girl whom invited us to David Herzog’s Passover conference to Sedona. We all stayed in one room and spent the night to attend two days of the conference. Joshua Mills opened the conference and Jerame Nelson “preached” the next day, following Timothy Snodgrass and David Herzog. Steve Swanson was the worship leader / performer and the music was really hard to listen to.

It was hard rock and not something we were used to. Joshua Mills preached from the Word of God and it seemed like a great conference so far. The next day, Timothy Snodgrass gave a prophetic word for hours – we didn’t really understand what he was doing. He rambled forever.¬† Jerame Nelson was the evening guest speaker and as he began, he talked about the San Diego Outpouring and how God was pouring out His Spirit there for consecutive nights since January. Then scents started to fill the room and Jerame said these were angels pouring out oils for anointing. Smells were being poured out in different locations in the room. Then angels were delivering the gifts of healing. If gold dust appeared on your hands, you have a healing ministry. We each saw gold dust on our hands and some had it on their face. Flakes of gold were all over Steve Swanson’s jacket on the back of his chair and the entire front row had gold flakes and dust all over it. We had never experienced anything like this and were amazed God was pouring out His Spirit in this manner.

David Herzog and Stephanie said they received their “anointing” from Ruth Heflin (The same Ruth Heflin whose assistant¬† has the prayer meeting that Kevin Zadai went to the day he was at our house for a meeting.) and typically had gold dust as well as other colors of what appeared to be glitter and gem stones falling on the floor / seats of their meetings. Stephanie told us at a meeting that her babies or one – were born covered in gold dust.

David spoke also and he called out angels located in a certain area and if someone wanted healing for a particular sickness or disease he would tell them to stand in a place where the angel was located and the people would be healed. They came up and claimed they were healed. Both Carl and I went up for healing but were not healed. We had never heard of any of these people nor had we ever experienced anything like this. (I do not remember David ever using or teaching from the Bible.) We truly believed this was God – they all gave glory to God and praised Jesus for the visitation of His glory.

The worship was very different but they sang to Jesus and we felt like we were “old wine skins” because we didn’t care for it. The music is very key in this “move”. The teaching is that musical notes we play today are not tuned as David’s Harp was tuned so music was being changed to play in a particular way to reach the throne room of God. Our current worship is dull and does not break the heaven-lies to touch into the spirit realm. Tones are also a way to break into the spirit realm.” In the case of one of my friends, she would hum a tone and then loudly huff and yell the tone and she said it healed people.

When we returned to church Sunday at the Fountain of Life, we told a few people what happened and they wanted to experience God in this way. As I told some friends at church and showed them the gold dust embedded in my hand about what happened, not one person warned us or said anything to us about what we had experienced. I noticed that as I spoke in tongues the gold sparkles on my hands would increase in brilliance and quantity. It was all so different and supernatural. I never – we never knew God like this.

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