Kevin Zadai Meeting September 2016

Kevin Zadai Meeting September 2016

One of the women who was coming to the soaking gatherings at our home had asked us if we wanted to have a gathering with a man named Kevin Zadai whom was bringing revelation on our books in Heaven. We said sure! We didn’t understand the previous teachings of the how to read and access our books in Heaven, as was being taught by Robert Henderson – so we wanted to learn what the heck they were talking about. There were a bunch of supernatural events that occurred that brought him to our home. They discussed them when they arrived at our house.

Kevin had gone to Heaven years ago and was tasked by Jesus Himself to tell everyone about his visit and what Jesus had said to him. He and his wife, Kathy, came two nights (Thursday and Friday) to speak. When Kevin and Kathy arrived, Kevin asked to pray somewhere so I showed him into my prayer room. He prayed in there until it was time to begin. He also gave me a CD to play of music he recorded compiled of several different musical instruments that Jesus gave him the divine knowledge how to play when he returned from his trip to Heaven. Our home was packed with people, both nights,  from all over Phoenix to see and hear what Kevin “was releasing”. The first night (Thursday), after Kevin saw huge angels enter the room, he then began to speak. He waited for them to enter before beginning. Kevin spoke for three hours (about his time in Heaven) and then said he felt Jesus walk in the room and many of the other people around him grabbed a hold of him and they all went down on the floor because of the presence of God they had experienced. Carl and I looked at each other and thought there was something wrong with us because we experienced nothing. Kevin gave Carl and I a prophetic word: “What the devil was doing is nothing compared to what God was going to do with us.”  Kevin gave me his contact information and said he was going to be on Sid Roth and planned to return in December, would we have them back. He said he would contact us again.

Strange happenings: The fire alarm kept going off while he spoke and stopped going off when he left. A woman was getting bit by what she thought were mosquitoes but no one else was. (We had no mosquitos/fleas in our home.) This woman was yelling at Carl for us not taking care of the mosquitos/fleas? in our home. Kevin prayed for her after the meeting and he said it was a demonic attack.



That night Kevin gave away materials he had written with the information Jesus was asking him to release at this time.

The next night a friend of mine came from NW Phoenix and stayed the night to hear Kevin on Friday evening and attend our soaking gathering on Saturday night. She prayed in tongues non-stop the entire time he was speaking and honed in on him. Friday night was a bit different. Kevin and Kathi were supposed to come get to know us in the afternoon but he said he was at Sister Ruth’s prayer meeting and went way over his time there. He said it was an amazing time. (Sister Ruth was the assistant to Ruth Heflin and she holds a prayer meeting on Friday mornings at CFTN. (Church for the Nations) They came in late and the house was full again with more people – some came both nights. There were manifestations and screaming by one girl and some people were laughing. Kevin pretty much retold the same stories as Thursday night. Kevin stayed late and we had to ask people to leave at 1:AM. They would not go home.




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