kundalini spirit

kundalini spirit

What is the kundalini spirit? Maybe I should say, what is this “New Wine”, “New Teaching”, “New Glory”, “The Awakening”, The Prophetic Revival, “New Healing”, “New Deliverance”? (I am sharing what happened to me and let you decide. I will share what I have experienced and learned from this encounter/trial/testing. What I have experienced is very real and very alarming.  Arizona Experience )

The anti-Christ false holy spirit (a.k.a. Leviathan – The Lord recently showed me through His Word.) takes up residence in your body, mind and soul and demons begin to use your body as a portal to flow through. (This is just like the Yoga energy experience.) Demons are disembodied spirits so they go into a human being and flow through them as a host. This feels like “energy”, “electricity”, “buzzing”, “humming”, and is being taught by false teachers and false prophets that this presence of “glory” is the Glory of God. Nope. And I will share why.

They also attack your physical body and ultimately they want to kill you. Either disease, cancer, mental illness – whatever they can do – they will do it. They give you false healing and then the energy you feel awakens the false energy that eats away at you mind, body and soul until go crazy, get sick or die. Demons hate human beings and want to hurt us. (Remember satan hates us because he lost his special standing with God as worship leader because satan wanted to be God. Then God created man in His own image and dwelt with man whom was clothed in His glory. Satan hates us so much for being God’s creation and His family. He chose to dwell in us and give us dominion over satan and his minions through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Satan hates that he is defeated.)

The kundalini spirit is being passed in prayer via touch in every possible place: church, prayer meetings, stores, restaurants, doctors offices, etc. The teaching of these demons (I say this because they actually spoke to me to teach me these things as if they were God. The Bible says the Holy Spirit is our teacher so they deceived me and I thought the Holy Spirit was talking to me.) is to pray for everyone so they can be healed – when in fact the kundalini spirit is being passed into all peoples every where. Currently the false teaching by Bethel’s school of the supernatural, and hundreds of other places – is to go to Walmart, any grocery store, Starbucks, parks – anywhere and ask to pray for people or give them a word of knowledge or prophetic word, directed by the false holy spirit. These prophetic words and words of knowledge are demons using you through mental telepathy (all witchcraft) to tell these certain people specifically told to you to go find – also known as a “treasure hunt”. This is all being taught that it is Yahweh’s Holy Spirit imparting this knowledge to you for them.  Once you give them the word of knowledge, they are blown away, and then you can pray for their healing and touch them to impart the kundalini spirit. This is the deception – people doing this believe they are imparting the Holy Spirit not satan’s minions. In the spirit realm the kundalini spirit is pretending to be jesus and not the real Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He visits people and you are given dreams and visions with him in them and he even takes you to a false heaven, etc. (After all of this, I only pray to Jesus of Nazareth, Yahweh O’shea, Yahweh, or Jehovah, Yeshua – during deliverance they noticed I was saying “Lord” all of the time.)

People are humming, chanting, singing and yelling into other people and “praying” in this manner for healing their wounds in their soul. Sometimes they laugh into you for healing. This is all false healing (false healing) healing so real, it makes believers out of them in the name of a false jesus and false father through the false holy spirit.

This all began in India and came through the churches: Episcopalian, Pentecostal, Methodists, Charismatics, and others. Other false teaching like the faith movement started in the late 1800’s when philosophy was brought into the teachings of the church. Then it was taught as truth perverting the faith in Jesus Christ as our savior into faith in faith. This replaced Jesus as our Savior and trust in our own faith – self trust. Watch this video for more information: Andrew Strom

In my experience, I moved to Seattle from Vestal, N.Y. in 1988 to fully walk with God – giving everything away and moving 3,000 miles to serve Him. When I went to the church – they were experiencing a “move of god” that I believe now was the kundalini spirit and I married a man after a spirit entered me. (The same church I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and received the gift of speaking in tongues at the age of 14.) I went to many churches after that experience and wept as they taught about Jesus in ways different than I knew Him. I believed I was experiencing the grieving of the Holy Spirit. That marriage ended in divorce and much pain, hurt and abuse. I dated and married my husband, Carl, and we moved to Arizona in 2004. We found a spirit-filled church with great worship. I asked to receive the gift of healing and when I was prayed over, I was slain in the spirit and began laughing on the floor and also received heat upon the palms of my hands. I became more involved in church and went to prayer, praise and worship weekends and surrendering all of me to Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Over the years, as I look back, I believe I was prayed over many times since I became a Christian and the kundalini spirit was imparted into me through touch, even though I am a child of the Living God, Yahweh. Being that I am the fist Christian in my family, the generational curses in my family line were not repented of on my mother’s or father’s side. As I grew up, I sinned in the same ways as my parents – not knowing anything about generational curses. (Generational curses are evident when you sin in the same ways your family members do / did.) As time went on, the sins I continued in – even though I thought I fully loved the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth in my heart, drew me away from Jesus onto a road away from Him. The demonic doors were opened by my ancestors and no repentance had ever been done before Jesus Christ our Savior to shut them. My Mother’s family were in the masonic lodge and my fathers were practicing witches – both witchcraft. I prayed with more than five different deliverance prayer warriors whom in the spirit discerned that I was (1) dedicated to satan at birth (2) had free masonry in my bloodline and (3) withcraft, necromancy and satanism in my blood line. My life was evidence of all of this. During this time, Yahweh kept His hand on me. By His grace and mercy upon me I never completely left Him. Praise His Holy Name!
Fast forward to the last three years.

I became involved in the false glory movement through friends in church via David Herzog, Toronto blessing false glory, false holy spirit, false jesus, false father, false seer anointing, false fire, the San Diego Revival / Outpouring, false deliverance, false healing and dark angels, open portals, manifestation of gold dust and demonic manifestations beyond anything I could have ever imagined. The worship music in many churches/gatherings has been infiltrated as well, and the once true worship of Jesus Christ of Nazareth – Yahweh O’shea is mixed with worship of the false jesus and false father through tones and beats. Much of this is evident in the music from Bethel, “Jesus Culture”, “Hillsong”, and rthe many whom have left and started their own “music” ministry / groups / bands / etc. Visualization for healing is being taught and “knowing the father” – sitting on his lap for healing. Much of this is coming from Bethel, Hillsong, Glory of Zion and many others – if not all – of the tele-evangelists and guests on their shows. I have lived through nothing but the false teaching from Beth Moore to Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Marilyn Hickey, Jesse Duplantis, Kenneth Copeland, Patricia King…and the list goes on.

During the past two years, I was taught that the feeling of the presence of the glory of god is the Holy Spirit of God. It is not – however I did not know that and thinking it was the real God, I wanted more! I kept asking for more. I kept surrendering to Jesus and asking for more.

The devil came into my home and painted the ceilings / walls of our bedroom / prayer room with stars and clouds and I was taught by demons (pretending to be the voice of God) to have “soaking gatherings”. I was given false tongues, that sounded like rapid fire chants, in my prayer room in my home and told by this voice of god to pray in tongues for hours each day. As I prayed in this false tongue, my body would vibrate. A woman, Sarah, from our gatherings (now we believe to be used by the enemy to spread the kundalini spirit, a witch) prayed for me over the phone and this manifestation of the false holy spirit “scanned” my body head to toe over and over again. After that experience, I would pray in tongues for hours as I prayed alone and this manifestation grew and grew.


It takes time to get free of the electrical manifestation of the kundalini spirit. I am on 10th month and it has been lessoning and lessoning every week. Below are the prayers I have prayed to get you started. I google searched online and found these.

Even if you have previously, give your life to Jesus and rededicate yourself to Him. ASK JESUS TO FREE YOU AND REPENT!

aslansplace.com-Prayer to Break off Kundalini



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