We had just moved to a rental house off of Southern and Price in Tempe, AZ. The devils are the state college mascot. The devil is branded on every store window, the curbs of people’s homes, all of the fans are wearing devil tees, sweats, jackets and even tattoos! Is Leviathan also a territorial principality in Tempe, AZ?

The house was possessed. All kinds of demonic happenings took place as soon as we moved in. I heard a voice coming from the bathroom at night and I thought it was my husband so I yelled to the bathroom and asked if he is ok. My husband was laying next to me so I bound up the demon and commanded it to leave. That was just the beginning.

A few years back, I had gone through deliverance for Leviathan through John Eckhardt and Robert Hotchkin and I thought it was done. I had felt pride and experienced misunderstanding people and the Word – twisting in my mind of understanding and words, as well as, broken relationships every where since I was a kid. Leviathan is the twisting serpent. (In Job, Isaiah and Psalms the Bible tells a lot about Leviathan.) I had read information and deliverance prayers against it – renounced Leviathan and all ties. Forgave. I thought it was done.

See Generational Curses for more information.

Trying to do all I can to get rid of this kundalini spirit, I cried out to Yahweh and asked Him to reveal to me what was going on. Why is this still going on? As I was chain referencing all of the rapture verses, I was in Isaiah of course…Chapter 28 was open and I looked down at 27 and read the first verse: “In that day the LORD with His hard and great and strong sword will punish Leviathan the twisting serpent, and He will slay the dragon that is in the sea.” All of a sudden I knew He was answering my question! Praise Jesus! So I googled Prayers against Leviathan and I found information on a Facebook: Here is the message:


O LORD, You broke the heads of the dragons in the waters (Psa.74:13)
By the blood of Jesus, I cut off the head of every hydra.

In the name of Jesus, I destroy the heads of leviathan as pieces of dust (Psa.74:14)

In the name of Jesus, I punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan the crooked serpent, with Your sore, great, and Strong Sword – the Word of God (Isa.27:1)

In the name of Jesus, I slay the dragon that is in the sea (Psa.27:1)

I dis-annul all curses of pride and leviathan from my life, in the name of Jesus.
In the name of Jesus, I strip the scales of leviathan and take away his armor by the Fire of God (Job 41:15; Lk.11:22)

In the name of Jesus, I crush the strength of leviathan’s neck (Psa.18:40)

I destroy the stony heart of leviathan and crush it to pieces by the blood of Jesus (Job 41:24)

In the name of Jesus, I crush the teeth of leviathan and pluck the spoil out of his mouth (Job 41:15)

In the name of Jesus, I put a hook in leviathan’s nose, a cord around his tongue, and I bore a thorn in his jaw and dis-annul his works (Job 41:1-2)

Lord Jesus, You rule the sea and the waters by Your strength.
No evil waters overflow my life, in the name of Jesus.
The channels of water are seen at Your rebuke, in the name of Jesus (Ps.18:15)

I destroy and cast out all proud and arrogant demons that are cursed in the name of Jesus (Psa. 119:21)

I bind and displace every sea monster that would attack my life and the city in the name of Jesus (Lam. 4:3)

Lord Jesus, You brought down the haughty and proud demons that have exalted themselves against Your people by Your power and we enforce their defeat by Your Blood, in the name of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus, the proud are scattered in the imagination of their hearts.
God, You resist the proud. Your power is against the high ones who have rebelled against Your will (James 4:6)

The foot of pride does not come against me, in the name of Jesus (Psa.36:11)
I crush the crown of pride in the name of Jesus (Isa.28:1).

Leviathan, you will not oppress me, because God’s grace is my sufficiency in the name of Jesus (Psa.119:122)

LORD JESUS, You rendered Your reward to leviathan at the CROSS (Psa.94:2)

LORD, You have raised up a watch over leviathan in the name of Jesus (Job 7:12)
In the name of Jesus, proud waters do not go over my soul because the Fire of God consumes it (Psa.124:5)

I rebuke and destroy every trap the devil has set for me in the name of Jesus (Psa. 140:5)
Proud spirits stumble and fall at the name of Jesus (Jer.50:32)

LORD JESUS, You broke the pride of leviathan’s power at the CROSS (Lev.26:19)

Awake, awake, put on strength, O Arm of the LORD, I command the helpers of pride to bow before the LORD JESUS CHRIST who lives in His people (Job 9:13)

In the name of Jesus, I exercise the authority You gave me and do not allow the rod of pride to come against me (Prov.14:15)

I cast abroad the rage of thy wrath and abase leviathan in the name of Jesus (Job 40:11)

I smite through leviathan with Your understanding, Lord Jesus (Job 26:12)

Lord Jesus, You looked on leviathan and brought him low and treaded him down in his place at the CROSS (Job 40:12)

I cut the bands of Orion: I bind and cast out all mind control spirits of the octopus and squid in the name of Jesus.

The waters of the deep are dried up as I have dried up the rivers of death, every spirit of leviathan is destroyed in the name of Jesus (Job 41:31; Isa.44:27)

In the name of Jesus, I dry up your rivers, your seas and your springs (Isa.19:5)

I call for a drought upon leviathan’s waters in the name of Jesus (Jer.50:38; Jer.51:36)



and also

on Demonbuster.com that was astounding. It said “Signs of a Leviathan generational curse” and it was if I was reading my biography! I wept as I read it. http://www.demonbuster.com/leviathan.html

More information I found on Leviathan: http://www.davidcannistraci.org/news/2015/12/18/leviathan-the-spirit-of-separation

Leviathan is the name of a demon that is talked about throughout the scripture. His main demonic influence is with spiritual pride and stopping Deliverance. The following scriptures describe Leviathan.

When you read the below Scripture, you will see why leviathan is such a tough demon to cast out.

Job 41 : 1-34 “Can you draw out the leviathan (the crocodile) with a fishhook? Or press down his tongue with a cord? 2) Can you put a rope into his nose? Or pierce his jaw through with a hook or a spike? 3) Will he make many supplications to you [begging to be spared]? Will he speak soft words to you [to coax you to treat him kindly]? 4) Will he make a covenant with you to take him for your servant forever? 5) Will you play with [the crocodile] as with a bird? Or will you put him on a leash for your maidens? 6) will traders bargain over him? Will they divide him up among the merchants? 7) Can you fill his skin with harpoons? Or his head with fishing spears? 8) Lay your hand upon him! Remember your battle with him; you will not do [such an ill-advised thing] again! 9) Behold, the hope of [his assailant] is disappointed; one is cast down even at the sight of him! 10) No one is so fierce [and foolhardy] that he dates to stir up [the crocodile]; who then is he who can stand before Me [the beast’s Creator, or dares to contend with Me]? 11) who has first given to Me, that I should repay him? Whatever is under the whole heavens is Mine. {Therefore, who can have a claim against God, god Who made the unmastered crocodile?] [Romans 11:35.] 12) I will not keep silence concerning his limbs, nor his mighty strength, nor his goodly frame. 13) Who can strip off [the crocodile’s] outer garment? [who can penetrate his double coat of mail?] Who shall come within his jaws? 14) Who can open the doors of his [lipless] mouth? His [extended jaws and bare] teeth are terrible round about. 15) his scales are [the crocodile’s ] pride, [for his back is made of rows of shields] shut up together [as with] a tight seal; 16) One is so near to another that no air can come between them. 17) they are joined one to another; they stick together so that they cannot be separated. 18) His sneezings flash forth light, and his eyes are like the [reddish] eyelids of the dawn. 19) Out of his mouth go burning torches, [and] sparks of fire leap out. 20) Out of his nostrils goes forth smoke, as out of a seething pot over a fire of rushes. 21) His breath kindles coals, and a flame goes forth from his mouth. 22) in [the crocodile’s] neck abides strength, and terror dances before him. 23) the folds of his flesh cleave together; they are firm upon him, and they cannot shake [when he moves]. 24) His heart is as firm as a stone, indeed, as solid as a nether millstone. 25) When [the crocodile] raises himself up, the mighty are afraid; because of terror and the crashing they are beside themselves. 26) Even if one strikes at him with the sword, it cannot get any hold, nor does the spear, the dart, or the javelin. 27) He counts iron as straw and bronze as rotten wood. 28) The arrow cannot make [the crocodile] flee; slingstones are treated by him as stubble. 29) Clubs [also] are counted as stubble; he laughs at the rushing and the rattling of the javelin. 30) His underparts are like sharp pieces of broken pottery; he spreads [grooves like] a threshing sledge upon the mire. 31) He makes the deep boil like a pot; he makes the sea like a [foaming] pot of ointment. 32) [His swift darting] makes a shining track behind him; one would think the deep to be hoary [with foam]. 33) upon earth there is not [the crocodile’s] equal, a creature made without fear and he behaves fearlessly. 34) He looks all mighty [beasts of prey] in the face [without terror]; he is monarch over all the sons of pride. [And now, Job, who are you who dares not arouse the unmastered crocodile, yet who dares resist Me, the beast’s Creator, to My face? Everything under the heavens is Mine; therefore, who can have a claim against God?]

Psalm 74:14 “You crushed the heads of Leviathan [Egypt]; You did give him as food for the creatures inhabiting the wilderness.”

Isaiah 27:1 “In that day [the Lord will deliver Israel from her enemies and also from the rebel powers of evil and darkness] His sharp and unrelenting, and strong sword will visit and punish leviathan the swiftly fleeing serpent, leviathan the twisting and winding serpent; and He will slay the monster that is in the sea.”
Strong’s Concordance (3882 and 3867) give this definition: A wreathed animal or serpent. The constellation of the dragon; also as a symbol of Bab. To join itself, to remain, cleave. The constellation of the dragon is known as Orion (3685) means to be fat, silly, foolish. Job 9:9; 38:31; Amos 5:8.

Job 41:34 says that Leviathan is monarch over all the sons of pride. People – especially pastors – who do not accept the truth about Deliverance has this demon. Leviathan stops spiritual growth in people. They cannot pray, read their bible, they go to sleep during services, mock or come against Deliverance and/or Deliverance ministries.

Experienced Deliverance ministers who have encountered Leviathan state that Leviathan is due to a family curse. Children who have learning disabilities, especially reading, is caused by this curse and the presence of Leviathan.

Painful stiffness in the neck and shoulders has been caused by Leviathan.

In dealing with Orion, Pleaides and Articus are two of the seven demons that are present with leviathan. Experienced Deliverance ministers have stated that when these two demons are dislodged Leviathan also comes out.

In Isaiah 27 Leviathan may also mean serpents that are roused by snake charmers who are known to be able to impose curses – so be sure to break curses. An example of this as the Lord showed it to me is when there seems to be a “great move of God” in a certain church and there seems to be miracles, etc. going on it is a false move of God through Leviathan and working with him is the “Queen of Heaven – Jezebel.” The Queen of Heaven gives power to Leviathan to give false gifts, healings, miracles, etc. Leviathan in the pastor, teacher, evangelist, etc. charms or hypnotizes the people and they are deceived and seduced into believing they are operating through the Holy Spirit.

The reason the pastors, teachers, evangelists, etc. accept this is because they refuse to believe that they have demons and need Deliverance from the demons. They teach the people that “Christians cannot have demons.”

Job 40 indicates that Behemoth might be lodged in the will of man. Deception is a major role with Leviathan – the spirit of deception works with him and a curse is placed upon you and your blessings by God according to Malachi 2:1 ” 2.

Some experienced Deliverance ministers have had success dislodging Leviathan by calling out python – like the physical python this demon digs its tail into the person and wraps itself around its victim suffocating it. This is how it stops spiritual growth and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is also the cause for people not being able to speak in tongues.

The “true” Deliverance of God is casting out demons according to mark 16:17. The Bible says that if we do not love the truth – God will cause us to believe a lie. The only way to get rid of the demonic influences of Leviathan is to have them “cast out in the Name of Jesus.”

The following is a list of demons associated with Leviathan that should be cast out in Jesus’ Name: Leviathan, pride, king of the children of pride, mourning, spiritual darkness, arrogance, spiritual pride, using logic, ego, little pride, rationalization, justification to know the things of god, blocks mind, hinders spiritual growth, distraction, causes weariness, deception, brooding, melancholy, depression, gloominess, mental dejection, panic, irascibility, rebellion, seduction, treachery, mind idolatry, vanity, jealousy, importance, false gifts, Orion, Pleaides, Articus, python, suffocation, hard heartedness, schizophrenia.

I noticed when I had begun the deliverance process many years ago, that my shoulders hurt when I was in unforgiveness. My back was always in pain as a child and I failed reading over and over again in elementary – high school. As I read more and more about Leviathan for the first time,  I saw how this has been in my life as long as I can remember. I called Aunt Mary and read it to her as well. She said the same thing! So we prayed through all of the prayers together – but this time was different. I knew Jesus was with me as I prayed.

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