My New Life

My New Life

I meet Carl Green!

After working at an Ad agency in Bellevue, WA, I had freelanced for a time and settled in a position in apparel design. (My only desire was to use the giftings God had given me for His glory, but I didn’t know how. My hearts desire was to paint. When I went to Syracuse University they told us there are no such jobs for fine artists and we had to choose from Advertising, Fashion or Interior design. I listened to them over God and stopped painting.) SeaBell in Redmond, Washington was where I met my sweet, long-suffering husband.


Carl and I dated for five years before we were married in Puyallup, Washington. We got married in Meeker Mansion joined by friends and family. Carl is truly a gift to me from my Papa!




My husband, My love. I am blessed!

From Washington to Phoenix, Arizona, we embarked on a new life together and a closer walk with God.

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