Prophetic Prayer

Prophetic Prayer

A woman from the Women’s group at Fountain of Life wanted me to meet her daughter. One day her daughter came to church with her parents – she was a beautiful woman and we became friends.

In March or April of 2016, she invited us to go pray with a man named Dean, a “prophet”, but she didn’t tell us what to expect. They just said it was amazing. I asked Carl and he said, Ok, we could give it a try so I called and made an appointment. This man’s name is Dean Taylor and he is from Washington but visits Phoenix, AZ frequently (“Preparing the Bride”). We went to the meeting and he proceeded to tell me all of the things in my heart that only God and I knew and what God was doing to work through me in the future. He “prayed” with Carl and I together and some was shared with Carl but mostly it was about me. Uncomfortably more about me than Carl. We talked about the Gold dust and he said it was God’s Shekina glory and that barking like a dog, gem stones, etc. were all God. We never heard of any of these things. While I was there, he prayed for me to be healed of Fibromyalgia and I was. All pain had left my body and it was amazing! He also told me that God was going to use me in a healing ministry in a similar way He used Kathryn Kuhlman. In my 20’s, I had read all of the Kathryn Kuhlman books from the library and knew as I was reading them, that I was reading a life much like mine. As I read her biography, I felt I was reading a story of my life. I had an affection for Kathryn Kuhlman after reading all of her books. Dean did not know me nor did he know anything about me reading Kathryn Kuhlman’s books. Dean also prophesied that weight would melt off of me and so much when he saw me next he would not recognize me.

Another friend from church called and made an appointment to go back again to him and asked me to go with her. So I did and again, Dean prayed with her and then when she was done, he prayed with me and told me even more – things I had spoken to God about that very morning. That very morning I had made a prayer room for me and God out of our spare bedroom and started spending time with Him. He told me God wanted me to make a prayer room for me to spend time with Him. He told me I was also to journal everything He says to me because that means I valued it. He told us all kinds of personal information that only God and us would know.

A longtime friend was going through a hard time and wanted healing also, so I called her and told her about Dean and thought she might want to go pray with him.

We were contacted by Dean’s scheduling person and he was having gatherings in NW Phoenix and invited us to come. Carl and I talked about it and another friend wanted to go so we carpooled up to Sun City West area. It was a bunch of people and Dean was giving prophetic words to them. People visited and then he played a game and we were to look at each other in the face and share that we loved them. Carl was not a fan and when we left, he would not go back. My friend and I went a couple more times until the last time when I was told I was blocked and God could not flow through me – over and over again about 35 times this man kept saying it to me. Every one was slain in the spirit but me. I left angry and disgusted and never went back.

The friend that I had suggested to go to Dean, also showed up to the meeting and she thanked me and said she was healed of some things. Shortly after that, Dean went to stay with her and her family as he had no place to stay having prolonged his trip from Washington to Phoenix. She told me that as they had gatherings at her house with Dean present, gold dust was covering the walls in the rooms and she thought angels were going up and down the stairs.

Dean had a meeting that next weekend at God’s Living Room in Phoenix. I was invited to go. I did go and everyone began to laugh in the spirit as Dean had us line up in a fire tunnel. As someone walked through the laughing would begin. The “word” I was given was that I had family members in Free Masonry and there was witchcraft in my bloodline. He prayed for it to go and that was it. The night went on with them all laughing – I didn’t experience the laughter and have not experienced that laughter when every one around me does.

Mother’s Day 2016, my Mom came to visit and celebrate Mother’s Day. I told her what Dean said and Mom said she, her brothers and parents were all in Free Masonry. She also told me my Father’s Mother and Grandmother were into witchcraft – reading Tarot cards, tea leaves, etc. I had forgotten that my Grandmother had taught me to read playing cards when I was a teenager. This began deliverance for me. I sought out through this new friend, where I could go for deliverance and healing prayer. I had no idea what to do or where to go.



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