Stop Kundalini Awakening

Stop Kundalini Awakening


I am in the tenth month of shutting down the kundalini awakening. I have gone through 3 deliverance ministers – and two others and they all do not know why it takes so long, but it does. It began the first week in October 8 – 10th, 2018 and continued until today – August 20, 2019.

If you have not given your life to Jesus and made Him your savior and Lord of your life, please go to the Salvation page and give your heart to Him because He is the only path to freedom of this ugly demonic energy. Then, do not read anything but your Bible. What got me into this mess was reading books – supposedly Godly prophetic books but they were false prophets and false teachings. The Holy Spirit kept telling me NO MORE BOOKS! READ YOUR BIBLE ONLY! Please learn from my mistakes.

I would like to preface this explanation with the fact that I never did Yoga and I was not into any New Age stuff – I had however 16 years ago, purchased off of a TV infomercial DVD’s of Pilate exercises and for a year I did Pilates at home. I have learned that Pilates are a form of Yoga. (After doing Pilates, I could not walk. My lower back was so injured that I had three injections of steroids and after 9 months I began to walk again.) I received all of the kundalini awakening through touch and impartation in church and gatherings during the last three years. The devil/demons pretended to be God and spoke to me telling me what to do, eat and where to go, whom to befriend and opened doors with the heads of huge ministries int the third wave and new reformation movements. It minutely started when I was in my 20’s and then when we moved to Arizona, I was prayed over to receive the gift of healing and I was slain in the spirit with heat all over my hands. A decade later, gold dust came onto my hands and supernatural things began to deluge our lives in starting three and one half years ago. Since October, I have studied the kundalini experience and found that what the demons told me to do and imparted into me directly – without man – was to prepare my body, mind and soul to receive the kundalini awakening. It is gross but not a surprise it takes a year to get rid of it.


I had begun deliverance on October 8-10, 2018 in California with friends from our old church. (The same ones who prayed for me to receive the gift of healing when I was slain in the spirit.) It was the beginning of a very long process – but it cracked the foundation the enemy had set within me. I had to cut communication with my entire family to stop the witchcraft attacks. I was praying with them almost daily after I returned home. Some days Aunt Mary would pray with me and some days they prayed with me. No one could tell me if this energy I was feeling was of God or not but they suspected it was not. I should not say “no one” – Aunt Mary told me from the beginning it wasn’t from God. From the beginning (3 years ago), the enemy (thinking it was God) told me I could not have anything to do with Aunt Mary and I told him that I could never break off my relationship with her. He said he would do it and that’s exactly what he did. For two years we barely spoke and when we did, we both felt the opposition and our conversations went from talking about the Word of God and Jesus to weather and nothing that mattered. This kundalini awakening process and deception began in January 2016. Go to Arizona Experience and kundalini spirit for a more detailed account.

In September 2018, I shared with Aunt Mary that I was going for deliverance in October and she was praying for me the entire time that God would pull me out of the deception. For two years she prayed for me and I believe her prayers kept me from going off the deep end. I am so grateful and thankful for Aunt Mary and Fred’s prayers (and their church, Pastor Randy) and God’s hand upon me. I would hear God speak to me at times (Now I know partially what God has said to me vs. the demons – and He continues to reveal to me more and more.) and then the demons would speak to bring confusion so that I was not obedient to God. One day last summer, I was singing that song that he left the 99 to rescue the one and He told me I was the one He came to get. Ironically, it is sung by Cory Asbury of Bethel. (Reckless Love) It makes me cry even now that the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth rescued me and still is. I am so very thankful He came and got me!

I went to Idaho, for another deliverance minister to pray with me. A woman Aunt Mary and Fred knew that had helped others but not specifically with the kundalini spirit and at the time we did not know what this was. Before I went, we spoke over the phone everyday for a week to go over all past hurts and repent again of everything I could think of so that no ground was left uncovered. I have struggled with unforgiveness and offense my whole life so I welcome every chance to forgive. I don’t want that in me anymore. She again told me I was dedicated to satan at birth (as 2 or 3 other people had previously told me.) and had a strongman – she could see the dark man presence in the Spirit. This strongman I had seen in the Spirit walking up the stairs in our house. What I saw was so real, I thought it was my husband Carl so I ran in to his room and he was sitting at his desk. I shared that with her so she sought God in prayer,  and she said he was guarding me.

When I went for deliverance, I flew to Idaho and stayed with Aunt Mary and Fred. They were so gracious to have me. I had lost 40lbs over 18 months following the voices telling me what to eat and what not to eat and fasting (21 day fasts at a time). (In the kundalini awakening I have learned on New Age web sites to (on purpose) have a kundalini awakening that you have to eat organic, no meat and no coffee – all the same things these demons told me.) As soon as I went to Aunt Mary’s, we were watching a movie and I felt the cells in my body growing laying there (demonic retribution). The next day, the prayer minister came to Aunt Mary’s house and prayed for me for deliverance and nothing significant happened.

The kundalini awakening that I experienced was an energy on my lips and in my mouth – like a buzzing of a bee. I had a squeezing sensation of my fingers and was being taught that this was god revealing to me that a prophetic word was being spoken. Left pointer finger: flesh or false prophecy – right finger was a true Godly prophecy. My feet were always on fire – burning up and my hands the same. I would have random touches all over my body that were supposed to be signifcant and meant something but I never could figure that out. The energy was like strong electricity when I was praising God, reading my Bible, Praying in tongues, speaking to anyone praying with me over the phone or in person and when I  laid down, it would POUR through my body with extreme velocity. When I went into a public place, it would pour through me as well as on my hands and feet. I was being taught to ask the “holy spirit” what to do when he came upon me. Should I pray, give a word of knowledge, find a certain person? My head would hurt where I was supernaturally lazer-ed and I would cry out of the blue at odd times. When I prayed in the false tongues I was given, my body would vibrate. I believe this is the ecstatic tongues spoken of in the Bible. This I had never experienced before and I have several different prayer languages, having been baptized in the Holy Spirit at 14. This was demonic as compared to my prayer languages. But since I have had many languages in the past, I did not discern it was demonic at the time. It sounded like a chant rapidfire words over and over again. (If you are doing this, STOP!)

I had an experience months before when a presence came over me and energy was going through my body. Per the teaching of Doug Addison and many others, I was asking for a “road map” for this next season from “god”. When this presence came over me, I had a series of visions and dreams detailing all of the things I was to go through for the next year. One of the things I saw in the spirit were three holes in a yard. The first and third holes were empty but the middle – the second hole had a white chord coming out of the sky plugged into a black extension chord going down into the earth. I had asked God and multiple people all year what it meant with no explanation or understanding from others. I had shared with the deliverance person this dream the week before I went to Idaho and during the prayer time on the phone she cut the chord in the Spirit. All of the energy flowing through my body left me – immediately. Within 2-3 hours it was all back. However, less strong. WHY??? She called me the next day and prayed with me – I repented even more and as I was crawling on the ground crying, sobbing, praying and asking God what this was and why it came back, I heard “Kundalini”. Previous to this, I had no idea what I was experiencing. So I immediately renounced the kundalini spirit right then. I remembered Carl and I had watched a video on YouTube on the kundalini spirit years ago but did not know what it was then. I even renounced the kundalini spirit in a prayer back then. But it had no relevance to me.

When I returned home, I had gained 20 lbs in one week and have gained back all the weight I had lost. I found that prayer I had prayed years ago, to renounce the kundalini spirit but this time, I had experienced almost everything in the prayer and could totally relate to it. Without doing Yoga or knowing anything about eastern religion, Buddhists, Indian beliefs/gods, new age beliefs, these demons had taught me in the spirit realm (doctrines of demons) all the same things. I renounced and prayed the prayer and sought help specifically to rid myself of the kundalini spirit. I googled the symptoms of the awakening and all of the information I could find online about it. I read others whom were crying out for help. Some Christians and some not.

After reading that renunciation prayer (below), I stopped doing everything I was taught by the demons who pretended to be God. I then did the opposite of everything they told me. I felt Jesus deprogramming me. This is a long process. The enemy used the name of Jesus and showed me a false Jesus in the spirit realm that I thought was the real Jesus. So I could not say Jesus for a very long time. If you are repeating anything to sound like a chant, it must stop. Even if it is the name of Jesus. I never thought it was a false Jesus but it was. I found more renunciation prayers and prayed them. (below)

I found two more people who were willing to pray with me. One for free and one for a donation. I had scheduled prayer with another California deliverance team but they wanted $200.00 and I didn’t have it. Another woman prayed with me for a donation and she told me what she had learned about the kundalini awakening and one thing she shared with me that helped me – is that you should anoint your hands and feet with oil and “Cut off all access to them of fire demons, false fire, false energy and kundalini awakening.”

I revised her prayer to anoint my hands, feet, heart, mind, spine and lungs and I pray: In the Name of Yahweh O’Shea. I cut off all access to my body, hands, feet, mind, thoughts, lungs, heart, spine and skin of any and all false holy spirit, false fire, false glory, false prophecy, false seer anointing, false jesus, false father, false energy, fire demons, demonic fire angels and satanic fire from hell and bind them all up. I command all manifestations to stop now in the Name of Yahweh O’Shea and ask Yahweh’s Holy Spirit to fill me up with more of Him. You are my shield Yahweh! Please deliver me, Yahweh, of all of these demons and lies of the enemy, in the name of the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Heal my body, soul and mind. Thank You Yahweh! Amen.

Below I have attached all of the prayers I have prayed by myself and with others. Many people are charging money or asking for donations and I do not feel that is right before God. So download the same prayers I downloaded and pray your heart out! Keep repenting and give your heart to the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He will deliver us! BUT YOU HAVE TO BE A CHRISTIAN. If you want to give your life to the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth, go to the Salvation page. If He wants you to go to somebody for deliverance ask Him and He will tell you. Today (August 21, 2019) I found another prayer and I learned so much more about the kundalini spirit and again renounced and prayed the new prayer. Just keep going! It will end. I have experienced a lessening of the energy step by step over time. My head is healing and the pain in my body is also lessening. For some reason it takes time so keep pressing on and stay steady. Ask Yahweh for strength whenever you get discouraged and He will strengthen you! He has me! AND I AM STILL BELIEVING I AM CLOSE TO BEING FREE OF THIS UGLY DEMONIC GROSS ENERGY PRESENCE – which is disgusting. Today I learned that Hitler had a kundalini awakening experience. Is that not disgusting? To have the demons that flowed through Hitler in me??? in you??? GET OUT NOW! IN YAHWEH O’SHEA’S MIGHTY NAME!!!


11/12/19 UPDATE: I am still fighting and the enemy is still attacking me but the intensity has diminished and is continuing to diminish. 13 months of deliverance and strengthening by Jesus –  the TRUE Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The electricity is going out of my body and mind except for at night when I lay down to rest. Carl prays over me and casts it out through the day and before bed and I am in constant prayer with my Aunt daily for complete deliverance. When praying with others, I have seen the difference when the prayer has little to no compassion for what I have been going through. Understanding that this has been a very bizarre attack by the enemy, the individual praying with you must truly love you or the prayer does not have the same power. The Holy Spirit of Yahweh searches our hearts and our prayers need to be sincere. If your prayer partner for deliverance does not have compassion for you, find another. Keep going because Jesus will prevail and He is doing great things in us as we fight the enemy. God created the devil so He wins – WE WIN! Everything in creation is under His feet – His footstool. The devil and his kingdom is below and not even close to the power of the Great Creator Yahweh O’Shea! Jesus please come finish the work in all of us who are crying out for Your salvation! Finish off the enemy! Cut him off in the name of Jesus! AMEN.


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