The Third Wave and NAR Movement

The Third Wave and NAR Movement

This movement is a mixture of the One True God and the devil. It is confusion riddled with false prophecy, false signs and wonders and false Jesus – false dreams, visions and false teachings with Yahweh O’shea. The confusion of what part is God and what part is the devil has been the most hardest for me. I dropped out of this/these moves to seek Holiness, Righteousness and Purity because I do not want anything but the REAL FATHER – YAHWEH, REAL JESUS – YAHWEH O’SHEA and THE REAL HOLY SPIRIT of YAHWEH.

After studying the Word, I have noticed some important ways to distinguish false miracles, signs and wonders.

  •  When Yahweh performed a miracle, sign and/or wonder it was for judgement upon the world, to set captives free and to build faith, hope and strengthen believers FOR HIS GLORY. The healing Jesus did was instant and it was done. There is a holiness in the presence of God of fear and righteousness. Even when visited by Yahweh’s angels the Word tells how Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Daniel, John – all fell with their face on the ground before the presence of God that the angels carried. In this move, the angels are dark angels masquerading as Yahweh’s angels and there is no holiness. The interaction is playful with no fear. People asked to be “whacked” by them. How is this HOLY?
  • False miracles, signs and wonders give a person glory and builds pride in them (satan/leviathan). For instance, gold dust on YOUR skin, gem stones falling when YOU walk around, “jesus” visits YOU, You feel like liquid oil is flowing down from YOUR hand down YOUR arms. YOU get secret revelation and are told not to share it with anyone. Everything is a SECRET. False prophecy and false teaching takes part of the Word of God and twists part. It sounds right unless you go back and study what they are saying. Take notes and go back to line it up with the Word of God. Some does – Some doesn’t. They also do not use their Bible at meetings. (This has been our experience.)
  • The devils teaching is that he is God and is opening a portal above you to flow through you remaking you into a vessel he can flow through and use. This is a secret. The portal is a foul portal of demons and they are using our bodies to flow through when we lie down or are at rest and especially at night. When we go to sleep, you enter into that place between awake and sleep (That place where sometimes you feel like you are falling and wake up.) and then it begins. At first it was visitations to heaven, then dreams, then demons attacking, false healing, supernatural events like a marionette popping out of my closet with a light shown upon it dancing pretending to be the real Holy Spirit, my bed lifted up into a rocket position to be catapulted into space, visits into the heavenlies above the earth looking down, and when it first began the right side of my head was supernaturally lasered and I lost a spot of my hair 3″ – 4″ in diameter. I was told I was molting like an eagle getting ready to be a majorly used prophet (false prophet).
  • Women are being put into friendships, groups of three (witches) and the enemy is making them into Jezebel. He causes jealousy and envy and competition to guide them into wanting more of the false signs and wonders (which are truly witchcraft). The relationships start off nice and sisterly and become hateful and angry. FOR MORE INFORMATION READ BELOW.

The teaching is that there is a great out-pouring of God’s Spirit however, it is not God’s Spirit, it is the false Holy Spirit. It is supernatural and filled with false signs and wonders. Some call it “The Awakening” and it is truly that – a KUNDALINI AWAKENING. See kundalini spirit for more information.

This is what we went through


We are Charismatic Pentecostals but we have not experienced being slain in the spirit, nor had we experienced signs and wonders and the power of the true Holy Spirit. We believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit are still in operation today and desire to walk in His power.

For us it began with a past pastor and friend bringing over to our house a set of videos of how the “holy spirit” is moving by Darren Wilson – Documentaries. There is an entire set of documentaries that he has made and they show the false signs and wonders as well as false healing and such – they are very compelling. So when a pastor brings them over and shows you, you think he is showing you something true. We had reservations. Some things I noticed…Heidi Baker was shown in the video and only spoke about Love and never talked about Jesus Christ…The manna described in the Bible says the manna looks like coriander seed (Number 11:7) and the manna shown in the documentary appearing in a Bible looks like a cracker…there was more… Gold dust appearing on an old man’s pants around his genital area when he was slain in the spirit and more…

We visited for a short time a church in Apache Junction located at the horse Race Track called New Seasons (January 2013). There we received our first prophetic word – that God was about to pour out His Spirit upon us and she saw us standing under a waterfall of His glory.

Shortly after watching these movies and receiving this prophetic word, Carl helped an elderly woman load some boxes into her vehicle and as he picked up her boxes to put them in, he heard/felt his back pop. He was in excruciating pain and could not put weight on his right leg. We took him to the ER and that is where he will begin to tell his testimony.

Examples of the Third Wave Movement and New Apostolic Reformation goings on:
Andrew Strom
Bethel Church Kundalini warning
Bethel Church Fire tunnel – This is really demon swapping
Strange Fire Panel 1
Strange Fire Panel 2
Exposure of False Preachers, Teachers, and Ministries
Patricia King
Joel Olsteen
Benny Hinn

Other people we personally experienced whom are involved in false prophecy, false teaching, false signs and wonders:

Kevin Zadai, Jesse Duplantis (Kevin’s “spiritual” father)
Sid Roth, It’s Supernatural (His television show has all of these people as guests.)
Patricia King, Glory of Zion: Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Barbie Breathitt, Benny Hinn, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Nathan Morris, John and Brenda Kilpatrick
Heidi Baker, Todd White, Bobby Conner, James Goll, Stacey Campbell, David and Stephanie Herzog, Jerame and Miranda Nelson, Joshua Mills, The San Diego Outpouring, The Seattle Revival, Rick Joyner, Todd Bentley, Hillsong, Randy Clark, Cindy Jacobs, Bob Jones, Joan Hunter, God’s Living Room (Phoenix, AZ), Rob and Kay Winters, Prepare the Way (Phoenix, AZ), Robert Henderson, LaNora and Jody Morin (Fountaingate Ministries), Tim and Kari Thompson, Fountain of Life church (Mesa, AZ)
Jim Wies and Pastor Tom Schermitzler, The SW School of the Supernatural, Velma Clapton – Realms of Glory, Dennis Reanier, Shawn Bolz, Todd Schwarz, Nick Griemsmann

We saw a video years ago of the kundalini spirit infiltrating the church since the 1900’s and in the Charismatic movement. We watched  this you tube video and were appalled. We sent them to our friends and posted them on Facebook. We had never heard of such a thing. The video by Justin Peters called Dangerous Doctrines showed how the kundalini spirit had come into the church and how it infiltrated the Charismatic movement. We watched and could not believe what we were seeing but it did not pertain to us, it did not seem relevant.

Looking for a church home…

We had left the church we attended for eight years since moving to Phoenix in 2004. We wanted to learn the Word, and desired more. For many years I have studied Revelation and the rapture so that was very important to me, as well. We noticed this was not taught there and we wanted meat. We were so torn because we loved the worship so much there and the people are so lovely but we left. We visited more than a dozen churches and found the same wherever we went. We helped a startup church with the same pastor who showed us the “holy spirit’ documentaries and within six months it was closed.

We were looking for a church that was not spiritually dead and taught the Word as it is in the Bible. Finally we found a church in Gilbert, The Oasis – Pastor John Amato, where worship was great and the teaching was great. We got involved and became the youth group leaders and attended a Bible Study in someone’s home. My husband loved going to church there and that was important to us. We had a few bumps going there. There was an intercessory prayer group lead by a woman whom seemed very unhappy. She always looked like she was sucking on a lemon and was controlling the whole church. The Bible Study turned out to be a book study on Kenneth Copeland’s latest book. We got the book and read it at home and found many things Copeland had said were not biblical. We marked up the book and asked questions at the Bible Study until we were told we were not allowed to ask questions and compare it with the Bible. We took it to the Pastor whom was friends with Copeland but had not read the book. The youth group was never taught the Word in previous leaders hands – they just wanted to go down to the 7-11 and get Slurpees so we gave our testimonies to the kids and taught them salvation. Only one youth new he was saved – out of the ten who were attending. Carl had a back surgery and we gave the youth group over to a lovely couple whose kids were in the youth group. During the surgery the pastors were found out to be living apart and pretending to be married so we were told the board took over the church and booted out the pastors. We never returned. (Pastor John Amato also had Jess Duplantis, a personal friend come and Carl was part of his security team.)

After visiting a handful more of local churches, we attended Fountain of Life in Mesa. Our first visit was the evening they were moving the church into it’s new location so that night they were not having service. They invited us to a conference that weekend but we did not go. Sunday morning we attended and Sergio Scataglini was preaching and a misty cloud appeared at the front of the pulpit while he preached on holiness. Everything about the service was what we were looking for. We wanted to hear the truth and experience the power of God. We started going to church and prayer meetings weekly. The very next week they called up anyone whom wanted to be delivered of a religious spirit and the entire church went up and through a fire tunnel. We were the only ones still seated wondering what was going on. We noticed a few things that bothered us but as we have heard at every church we have gone to, “There is no perfect church and if you find one when you walk in, it will not be perfect anymore.” So we tolerated those things that bothered us. After six months or so, we stopped going. Carl had another surgery and we chose not to go back.

We began searching for another church but after another handful of churches we became discouraged and stopped looking. After a couple of months we tried going back to the Fountain of Life. We attended the church and I began going to classes for women to be taught the deeper things of God. I was being taught Who the Holy Spirit was. I always thought the Holy Spirit was God. This was new to me and I thought my understanding was wrong after going to these classes. Then they had another conference –  a prophetic conference. The woman over the church is a prophetess, LaNora Morin of Fountaingate International Ministries. Her kids are pastors of Fountain of Life, Tim and Kari Thompson. LaNora had a group of women whom were learning how to be a prophetess under her guidance and they were like groupies – it was odd. We went to the women’s and men’s meetings and tried to fit in but we never felt like we did. We attended the conference where Rob and Kay Winters, Saeed & Cynthia Hosseini and the Church prophets gave classes and teachings. Sergio came back to preach one night… We did not go to the classes but we did receive prophetic words from some and enjoyed the worship. Then Nathan Morris came at another conference. We went and were called out from the crowd by Nathan several times and told us we were going to be used mightily in the church. I was so hungry for more of God. I was fasting and crying out to Jesus to know Him face to face as Moses did. This is when things began to get odd at home.

We were asked to take a sister to church and bring her home. She was going through a rough time, lost her job, car and then her dog died. So we were happy we could help her. She invited us to a David Herzog meeting. We had never heard of him. This was Passover 2016.

From here on, I will let Carl tell his story…and I will tell mine. They are different even though we were together. For Carl’s testimony, search under category “Carl”. For my testimony search under, “Vikki”.

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