Wanting Healing

Wanting Healing

After leaving our church of eight years, somehow, we stumbled upon the healing rooms at Two Rivers. Wanting healing from my past and needing it very badly – I struggled most of my life with rejection, abandonment, unforgiveness, offense and hurt. I am sure I struggled with my more but that is what I knew of at that time. I visited Two Rivers’ Healing Rooms on a handful of visits and received some help and healing. We also attended Two Rivers a few times but what they practiced at the Healing Rooms was not practiced in church so we kept looking. We later found out that they were getting training from Bethel in California and had nights you could go learn about the supernatural – they charged a fee to attend so we did not go. We had not heard of Bethel before this time.

Because I did not grow up in the church, I began attending church in my late 20’s. I read my Bible like crazy and the Bible to me was sometimes hard for me to understand. I would awake every night around three – three thirty A.M. and get up pray, read my Bible. I didn’t see any where in the Bible where God clearly explained that He heals and delivers us. At the churches we attended in the past in Washington and Arizona – every where we went – to my remembrance no one taught that the Holy Spirit of Yahweh supernaturally heals and delivers us. Did you know He does? I have lived 50+ years before ever hearing/knowing/experiencing the healing power of Jesus Christ. (I am going to say that we were NEVER taught that Jesus supernaturally heals us. At no church have I ever been told or taught this. I also rarely saw/see any alter calls for salvation or baptism in the Holy Spirit. Salvation is not taught anywhere I have attended church. It could be there were demonic blinders on me, or they just didn’t do it.) When we would go to church, Carl and I would hear clichés: Take up your cross and walk; Die to self; You are a new creation…and so on. What did they mean? I kept asking Jesus to help me understand what they mean.

In early 2009, I began pursuing Jesus daily in the Word and prayer. I left my job and sought out Bible Studies and teachings wherever I could because I wanted to know Who God is. I did Bible Study after Bible Study at church, out of church, read the Word, Begged Jesus to help me, heal me and take me deeper. I did not know about false teachings and false prophets. I thought if I was in church I could trust teachings. Now I know that I was not taught anything but false teachings on TV, Bible Studies, etc. Having gone through this deception, I have thrown out all of the books and bible studies and I only read and study the Bible. Every time I spend time in the Word, the Holy Spirit reveals more truth and shines light on the lies. I am in the midst of the greatest time with Yahweh I have ever experienced and I am so thankful He has used what I have gone through to teach me truth. His truth. The only truth.

In additional posts, I will share the Word that reveals the truth in the lies we have been taught and show you what He has shown me. If you feel there is any error, please share the proof in the Word of God so I can be corrected. I humbly only want the truth.



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