Witches, Owls and Gatherings

Witches, Owls and Gatherings

Shortly before the Passover Herzog conference, we were asked to leave the house we had rented in Apache Junction for five years with a 30 day notice because the owners wanted to move back in and sell the house. I had to pack up the entire house, clean it, find a new one and move in 30 days from a 3,200 sq. ft. adobe dream home. As God always takes care of us, we had no money to move and we had garage sale after garage sale, and I received some freelance work – so He provided the moving money we needed to get into another rental. We found a house Carl loved in Gold Canyon with a pool so we rented it, cleaned it and moved in!

I found my new prayer walk route and loved walking out in the mountains of Gold Canyon around the golf course. We lived outside of the actual golf course but the scenery was gorgeous and I loved worshiping God out there.

One day I was walking past a couple of houses up the street and praying when I passed a woman whom looked like she was mentally ill with huge buck teeth, heavy set, long dark hair and two other women near her talking at the mailbox – never acknowledging me. The first woman with the buck teeth said to me, “You are sooooo cute! You are so cute!” I said hello to her and went on my way praying in tongues. The situation was very odd.



When I returned home from my prayer and worship, I told Carl what happened. Less than a week later, we went for a walk together past the same house and in the same area that the buck toothed woman was standing was an owl sitting in broad daylight (Between 9AM and 10AM)- watching us walk. Later in the winter we had a garage sale and met the man who lives in that house and those women that I saw didn’t live there.)

One of the things Dean told me was that I was hungry for God and God wants me to spend time with Him to hear His voice. He gave an example of a man who sat for hours every day quietly waiting to hear from God. He said not to speak just listen. I had never heard of this. All of this was new information that I had not ever been taught nor heard of and I believed it was because I was crying out for more of God so I believed it was answers to my prayers.

I sat each morning and waited to hear from God. The first day it was three hours and there after it was a shorter and shorter time. Then I would go in my prayer room and pray in tongues and I would hear him talk with me. He told me to write down what He said and make signs all around my room of His words to me. I did what He said. I was so happy I could hear the voice of God! The second day, I went to Heaven on an angels back and everything was light and white and I saw no color. I went up a couple of levels and still all I saw was white and light. I had other experiences like this. Then I began having dreams. I spent all day seeking the Lord and praying. Some days I had 3-4 and more dreams so I wrote them all down and kept a journal of them all.

One day on my walk, I heard “God” tell me to begin having gatherings. “Soaking Gatherings” I invited a few people whom had prayed with Dean and wanted to stay on the east side of the valley to worship God and have meetings. (Dean had meetings in the NW Valley – 1.5 hour drive one way.) We had these people come over to join us and we just shared what God was giving us and enjoyed laying in His presence. (Note: I am using a capitol G on God because I thought this entire time I was spending time with Jesus Christ of Nazareth.) Once every two weeks, we had these gatherings which was a handful of people. Sometimes there was a prophetic word and sometimes there was a teaching. We always took communion before we started and worshiped.



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