Have you heard church people and various preachers say, “It’s not about your feelings.”?

For years I have heard this over and over again and each time I would get more and more irritated when I heard this. My feelings were so real to me and I lived by how I felt. I didn’t know anything else. I was not taught anything else. My parents lived by their feelings and so did my grandparents.

I read the Word in College and went to Navigators’ Bible studies – didn’t understand where they got their answers from. I rarely got the same answers to the Bible Study questions that they had. I read and read all through my twenties. I would awake at 3:00-3:30AM and read the Word all through the morning hours. I would find such fun nuggets and thought I understood them… This went on for years and years… I did every Bible study from Beth Moore – 2 to 3 times – hungering for more. I wanted so badly to know Who Yahweh is/was/will be. All through this time, I struggled with every relationship and felt such an ugliness within me. I didn’t understand what it was. I would ask people if I was mean, or not nice to them. I tried in my own effort to love people but it was so hard. I would get walked all over and taken advantage of because I thought that was being a Christian; Gave and gave until I had nothing left to give; Helped and helped until I had helped others more than myself. Back to the feelings… Offense, Unforgiveness and bitterness ruled my life. I did not even know it. I saw it in my family – BIG TIME. But I did not see it in myself. I went to counseling for ten years – nothing helped.

This morning as I pondered the Word, after all of this healing and deliverance Yahweh O’Shea has been doing… I was reading the Word and read out loud “the Holy Spirit” in Ephesians. And as I did, I got the shivers and goosebumps all over me. I always thought that when I experienced this in the past 45 years, this was the Holy Spirit of Yahweh touching me. After this Kundalini experience I am here to tell you, It is not! I began to bind and renounce this presence that was going through me (my whole body) and as Carl came out and prayed over me, it left. Then within ten minutes I got buzzed by a demon flying into my right ear. I have had enough of this crap. I say “CRAP” because that is what it is. 11 1/2 months ago I began deliverance of the kundalini spirit and the devil is still sending his minions to attack me. Well today as I was reading about the blood and justification, I was so fed up with these attacks, I decided that this was it. I claim my place with Jesus in Heavenly places in the Father, Yahweh. He is in me – Yahweh’s Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ and not only that but I am surrounded by and in Yahweh O’Shea and HE is in the Father. So I am not only full of Yahweh but I am surrounded by Him like a NUCLEAR BOMB. This power of Yahweh is stronger than that of a nuclear bomb so these attacks have to stop now!

So back to feelings… These are two examples of feelings that I have experienced the emotional feelings and the physical touch of demonic spirits masquerading as Yahweh’s Holy Spirit.


The church were well meaning to teach and preach on feelings but without knowing what they were talking about it was not helpful.

For me, I have experienced so much emotional hurt and abuse since I was born that the woundings within me were filled with demons whom would egg me on – in my thoughts. I had no peace. My mind would race and I would think over and over about how someone said something rude to me. Sometimes for days. I would become more and more offended and hurt. It was so tormenting. The demons work within our soul attached to every soul wound and the pain we FEEL is accentuated by these leeches. (I once saw a wound in the Spirit and it looked like a “V” cut into our soul. Those cuts get filled with demons and they get you more and more upset so that you will be more and more hurt and they invite more and more demons in. As this occurs over the years those wounds are huge and full of demons and the feelings seem so real – they are you. The thoughts you have are not your own. Demons work through mental telepathy. They are not you!

GOOD NEWS!!! Jesus came to set us free. FREE! Complete freedom of these ungodly characters who are running our lives. I have also been told the battlefield is in the mind. Read the books. Saw the movies. Meant nothing to me…

First of all, you need to be a Christian – surrendered to Jesus as the Lord of your life and trust Him that He works all things together for your good. You must be saved.

Now, simply ask Jesus to heal you emotionally. Seek emotional healing through deliverance – THROUGH JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH and Him alone. Pray, Talk to Him, Ask Him for Help and read His Word. The Word washes us clean and He will MIRACULOUSLY heal and deliver you.

I was so hungry to be healed and delivered. I could not take living like that anymore. If you too are like me, it is a good thing! Jesus is coming and He is calling for His bride to make herself ready. And this is it! So after 45 years of being saved, I am finally getting healed and delivered and please hear my heart: SO CAN YOU!

Yahweh may send you to a deliverance minister – a trustworthy and clean Christian in love and humble service to Yahweh. Keep asking Him in your time of prayer and reading the Word – You will know. Circumstances and help may come up from no where but ask Him to confirm. I have had this happen to me, but I did not ask Yahweh nor Jesus to confirm and there were some bad experiences and some good ones. That is between Him and you and your relationship with Him. It is a learning experience. The key is repentance.

As the healing and deliverance occurs, the PEACE of Jesus fills you up and the tormentors go and go…. People will offend you less and less and what used to irritate you and drive you crazy do not even bother you one iota. He is AMAZING!!!! Talk about MIRACLES and SUPERNATURAL! I do not recognize myself anymore and I am so at peace!!! What a wonderful Savior we serve!

HOPE! You do not have to live with pain and anguish every day. Call out to Jesus!

He loves you!


The Kundalini spirit aka. Leviathan, aka. Queen of Heaven…has been in me probably from birth as I have come to learn it is a generation curse on my family.

I have always felt this when praying, reading the Word, singing in tongues, praying in tongues, laying hands on people and having hands laid on me.  In the past three years, I have been filled up with this same presence and have experienced a kundalini awakening through going to the wrong churches, gatherings, conferences, and experiencing what is called the “Glory of God”. I never went to one Yoga class but that is where people seeking the kundalini awakening go to experience “Universal Energy” which is really the devil filling them with demons. I know. That is what I have experienced in a mighty way. For more on this see kundalini.

For information on stopping the awakening please go to this page.

I first experienced goose bumps and then chills on my shoulders and down my back. Then I experienced heat in my hands and that increased and increased – I was told this was a sign from God that I had a healing ministry. Then the heat on my hands grew to a hot fire on hands and feet. Then I had the “presence” all over my body. I then experienced a hot oil sensation flowing down my arms as I raised them to praise Jesus during church one day. Another experience I had was I fell asleep at church and went into a trance. When church was over I could barely walk. I had no idea what was happening.

We had stars and clouds in our bedroom ceilings, people getting slain in the spirit in the shower, angels pushing us around playfully in our home. We thought it was all God. Never heard of it but we had begun seeking a deeper relationship with God and asking for healing and deliverance and some people we met at church invited us to places where this was the norm. I had dreams, visions and all kinds of supernatural experiences.

Then we moved and it got really weird. The house we moved into was possessed. The first week I heard a man’s voice yelling in a different language from our master bathroom. I thought it was my husband but when I called to him, he was beside me. In my prayer room, I saw a spotlight appear on a marionette that popped out of the closet. One day I was praying and I went into a trance and the daybed I was praying on went up into the air as if it was going to shoot me off like a rocket. Liquid fear had gripped me. I began seeing dark smokey apparitions – demons in dreams. I went into the bathroom to take a bath and went into a trance visiting Jesus in the bridegroom’s chamber. I had a few times when I went to Heaven and Paradise, etc. NOT GOD.

I experienced gold dust on my hands and face when I prayed it increased in quantity. We saw oil coming out of a Bible at a conference. Many times I was put into trances and experienced false healings. NOT GOD.

Another major part of all of this is the prophetic. FALSE PROPHETIC…Now God is in this as well but for me, I became addicted to the prophetic thinking it was all God. It says in the Word to try the Spirits. It says to make them confess Jesus Christ is the Son of God. So when I was in a trance, how was I to do that? When I heard knocking, speaking, songs, words in the spirit realm, how does one do this? I had no idea. Any way, NOT GOD.

So as I move forward…I am seeking to only to hear from Yahweh and as I get more and more delivered and healed, these experiences have gone away – bit by bit. Today, I claim my complete healing emotionally, physically and spiritually. What a long year! What an experience. I humbly thank all of the people whom have helped to set me FREE! I bless them all and ask Jesus to bless them abundantly. MOST OF ALL, I THANK MY LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST and give Him all of the glory.

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