For many months I have been studying the Word of God, deeper than ever before. I bought a new Bible that has wonderful teaching in it – the truth of the power of God. I can not get enough of His Word. About ten years ago or more, I began studying the Word and began healing. The more I studied and did Bible studies, I realized I did not understand what I was reading in my heart. So many church clichés that made no sense to me. I would ask people at church and no one could explain it to me or take the time to. So I kept asking Jesus to teach me – after all He is our Teacher and He gave us the Holy Spirit to teach us – The Spirit of Truth! Now, He has taken me into a deeper place in Him and is revealing His Word to my heart so that I understand in my heart what He is saying. “Writing His Word on the tables of my heart.”

I pray that Yahweh O’Shea takes you into a deeper relationship with Him.

He is so much fun! During this time, I truly believe He has been cleansing me and delivering me through His Word. Yahweh’s Holy Spirit has used all of the prayers, renunciations, humbling, crying out to Him and most of all – His Word to help me, heal me, teach me, ground me, cleanse me, set me free and deliver me! Oh my gosh I love the true and real Jesus! There is NO OTHER!

“Christmas is Coming Early!”

A few years back, we stopped celebrating Christmas because it is founded on a pagan holiday – The Winter Solstice – and the Catholic Church combined the Birth of Jesus with this began holiday to get more “believers” int he church and get more money into their organization. This began in the early church. And there are scriptures about decorating trees and worshiping them… Jeremiah 10:1-5 …It is between you and The Lord as to what you do. For us, we do not celebrate the holiday.

You can research all of the paganism that was brought into the church on your own, regardless, we wish to be holy as Jesus is holy and saw that we were celebrating like all of the unbelievers instead of being set apart. You see we want to be more like Jesus and celebrate Him every day, not once a year or even on just Sundays. Christmas is a tradition that we celebrated as we grew up and my parents were not Christians. It is odd to give gifts to your kids, friends and family for someone else’s birthday. I can not imagine doing that on my birthday! Anyway, we had confirmation from the Holy Spirit and we no longer celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25.

Surprise! I started playing Christmas songs last week (for no reason) and have been so touched by them in my heart. Day in and day out, we have Christmas music and Old time Gospel Christmas music playing and it is lovely. One day while singing a way – I heard a still small voice, “Christmas is Coming Early this Year!” …So I am expecting my complete healing and cleansing any minute now and rejoicing in the Lord for His miracles in my life! Praise Jesus!!!

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