How do WE get free?

Let me say this first, I forgive myself for being deceived and I forgive all of those who have taught the deception because they are deceived by the devil. Let us all hate and be angry toward the devil who is doing the deceiving and deserves it! We all need to love and forgive ourselves and others. The devil hates us so much he wants us to hate others that he is using to spread his message. Don’t do it! Let’s take him down!

We each need to know a few things:

  • Go back and study, with the Holy Spirit’s help, what SALVATION is and what it means to you. The enemy is actively trying to get us to believe we have lost our salvation. We need to KNOW who we are in Christ and walk in His authority and power. Salvation is much more than saying your surrender prayer and asking Him into your heart. STUDY the WORD – not what others say. Study for yourself the Bible and the Holy Spirit will teach you.
  • Self deliverance Prayer: Repent to Jesus, Ask Him to heal you and change you in the areas He reveals to you.
  • Jesus through His Holy Spirit, cleans, heals and delivers us! We need to just ask Him to help us. We have not because we ask not. I never knew that He heals us from the inside out to set us free of sin and bondage. He does and talk about a sign and wonder!!! That is the most beautiful sign and wonder of all!
  • Deliverance Prayer: A person who hears the Holy Spirit’s voice, with discernment and is experienced in deliverance of generational curses, kundalini, leviathan, jezebel, rebellion, deception, rejection, abandonment, abuse, trauma, etc. Man’s counseling does not work and no one can deliver us but Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He may do it Himself and He may send you to someone. ASK HIM!!!
  • I have found a resource online for deliverance prayers. It is totally free and you can download the prayers to your computer and pray them at your convenience. What I have done is ask The Holy Spirit to tell me what I need to repent of – sometimes we know and sometimes we do not. Then I google prayers of repentance for that subject. Aslan’s Place  is a great resource for prayers. I have prayed with their ministry team personally via Skype, however it costs money to do so. I believe it is $200.00 per hour. Ask The Holy Spirit what you should do before paying anyone for prayer. Personally I believe it is our service to our brothers and sisters and we should not have to pay for it but that is between you and God.


Freedom Truths



Speak these truths daily out loud:

1. I am a new creature predestined for greatness.  2 Cor 5:17
2. I am a child of God, fully excepted by My Father.  John 1:12
3. I am loved by God regardless of how I perform.  Rom 5:8
4. I am forgiven and will not be tormented by my past errors.  1 John 1:9
5. I am an overcomer and my faith is changing my circumstances.  1 John 5:4
6. I am a giver and God is causing people to help me prosper.  2 Cor 9:5
7. I have authority over the devil and no demon power can hurt me.  Luke 10:17
8. Abundance is God’s Will for me and I will not settle for less.  John 10:10
9. I am healed and sickness will not lord over my body.  1 Peter 2:24
10. God is on my side, I choose not to fear.  Psalms 118:6
11. The Holy Spirit is my helper; I am never alone and I have the peace of God.  Phil 4:7
12. I am blessed and it’s a matter of time before things change. What I see now is only temporary.  Eph 1:3 & 2 Cor 4:18
13. I have the wisdom of God. I hear my Father’s voice; My steps are ordered by God and a voice of a stranger I will not follow.  1 Cor 1:30
14. I am set in the body of Christ and I know that I am valuable and important to the work of God.  1 Cor 12:20-25 & Eph 4:11
15. I choose not to be offended and I am being delivered out of all afflictions and persecutions.  Matt 5:10-15